Episode 79 - Internet Freedom Festival, Part 2

Published: April 17, 2018

We bring you the last of our series about the 2018 Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain. A gathering of technologists, activists, journalists, and civil society actors, the IFF brought together over 1,200 people from 130 countries for one week, March 5th to the 9th. This year’s attendees made up the most diverse edition to date.

Quyên Ngô talks with Melanio Escobar of Humano Derecho Radio Estacion of Venezuela.
Kathy Triệu brings us a conversation with Gaba Rodriguez about building feminist infrastructure.

Opening & Closing Music: A. A. Aalto - Balloons Rising
Melanio Escobar Opening Music: Dischord - Obligado a Dejar
Melanio Escobar Closing music: Zombies No - Sing Song
Gaba Rodriguez Opening Music: Sunsearcher - Latin Rhythm