prisoner of conscience

Episode 74 - Phạm Minh Hoàng

A Vietnamese educator who has been prevented from teaching, now finds the last part of his identity stripped from him: His Vietnamese citizenship. Professor Phạm Minh Hoàng, a 62-year-old blogger who writes about human rights, social justice, and corruption in Việt Nam, is on the record from Sài Gòn with Loa’s contributing reporter Lilly Nguyễn.


Episode 17 - Behind Bars; Cải Lương (Vietnamese Folk Opera)

Prison is often not the ultimate punishment for Việt Nam's political prisoners. Behind prison walls, another ordeal begins. In this week's "A Look Inside," Loa’s Giang Nguyễn has the story of young activists who’ve gone through hell and lived to tell the story.

There’s a part of Vietnamese performance art that is distinctly emotional -- melodramatic, you might even call it. Actually, we call it Cải Lương. It’s folk opera that amplifies human drama with plaintive notes and a haunting pitch. This week, Lilly Nguyễn goes back in time to her first musical memory of cải lương to discover the story behind this traditional musical theater.

Episode 11 - Lê Quốc Quân Freed; A Song from Prison

In this week’s episode, Lê Quốc Quân, a prominent human rights lawyer recently freed after 30 months of arbitrary detention goes "On the Record" with Loa's Lilly Nguyễn.

In "Solitary Envoi," we return to works of art by the politically repressed. Mây Trần brings us the story behind a song written from within Việt Nam’s prison jail cells – Trả Lại Cho Dân (Return to the People).