Episode 20 - Việt Tân; A Resistance Love Letter

Việt Tân, the Việt Nam Reform Party, marks 33 years this week of a people power struggle for freedom and democracy. From its perilous beginnings to today’s multi-pronged approaches to empower the Vietnamese people, Chris Lê has the story of the activists on the ground, in our A Look Inside segment.

In the early years of the Party's establishment, far away in a jungle near the Thai-Laotian border, a song was written from a small resistance base, by the light of the moon. "Trăng Chiến Khu" speaks to the sacrifices made by those who have committed themselves to their country. Nam-An Đinh brings us the story in Loa's Solitary Envoi segment.

Episode 1 - Black April; A Poetry Reading of Tổ Quốc Gọi Tên

In our first episode, we bring you “A Look Inside” at how Vietnamese youth in Việt Nam and around the world commemorate 40 years since the war, 40 years of a divergent history.

We will be closing our show on Black April with our “Solitary Envoi” segment, which features written works that inspire or are written by the politically repressed in Việt Nam.

Music credit:
Major MajorNo Rhyme

Air date: April 27, 2015