Episode 75 - News Roundup; Jade Bracelet

Things To Know: Việt Nam News Roundup
Are you behind on the news? No worries. Loa's Nhụy Nguyễn has gathered a list of some of the headlines you may have missed.

Vietnamism: The Secrets of Jade
Jade has been used for more than 7000 years. It has a special meaning throughout Asia. Not only is it an artistic expression, it is also a recurring symbol in religion, philosophy and literature. In this week’s Vietnamism, Tiffany Lý explores the significance of the jade bracelet in Việt Nam and explains how to choose the perfect one for you.

Episode 70 - War Photography; April News Review

Through the Lens: Nick Út on the Narratives and Photography of the Việt Nam War
Quyên Ngô chats with Nick Út, one of the most famous Vietnamese photographers, as he reflects on the visual interpretation of war in Việt Nam, 42 years after its conclusion.

Rewind: Five News Stories to Know for April
Giang Nguyễn rounds up some of Việt Nam’s big headlines this month.

Episode 67 - February News Review; Food Safety After the Fish Crisis

What happened in Việt Nam this February? From the Vietnamese woman linked to the death of Kim Jong Nam, to the protests against steel plant Formosa, we've got you covered in our February News Review. That's in our Things To Know segment. And: Food safety has always been an issue of concern. Now, after the Formosa-induced fish deaths, the concerns have heightened. It's our Look Inside this week. 

Episode 39 - January News Review; Vovinam

From the the infighting leading up to the 12th Party the death of a beloved and sacred turtle, Loa’s Lilly Nguyễn has the five news stories of January you need to know.

In this week’s Vietnamism, Loa’s Chí-Linh Đinh looks into this unique sport of Vovinam, short for Việt Võ Đạo, and its sky-blue uniforms and majorly epic grappling techniques.

Episode 32 - November News Review; Sriracha

From the rising tension in the South China Sea, to a social media app that’s falling out of favor with Vietnamese authorities, Loa contributor Lương Văn Thiền is here with all the important news and stories happening in Vietnam today with this week's "Things to Know."

From celebrity chefs to the guy who just wants a little something extra on his hot dog, Sriracha is rapidly becoming a staple condiment. Although the sauce is often thought to have originated in Thailand, the truth is much more complicated. Loa’s Chí-Linh Đinh dishes up that famous cocky hot sauce that’s equal parts cross-cultural appropriation, hometown pride, and expat love.

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