Episode 71 - Quyên Lưu; Handedness

On The Record With Quyên Lưu, One of Việt Nam’s Emerging Young Leaders
On May 4, the U.S. Department of State hosted its annual Emerging Young Leaders Award. Among the 10 award recipients was Quyên Lưu, a YouTube sensation and social advocate from Việt Nam.

Loa contributing reporter Nhựt Phó attended the award ceremony and spoke with Quyên about the origin story of Ếch Phu Hồ, her team's Youtube channel of cleverly narrated, controversial hand-drawn animations.

Vietnamism: Lefties Get Left Out...But Why?
Picture yourself holding a pen. Put that pen up to an imaginary piece of paper on an imaginary desk and pretend to start writing. Which hand did you use? The hand that you picked to write is your dominant hand, and the choice you make is called handedness. Most likely, you put up your right hand. A small percentage of you would have put up your left. If you are in an Asian country, let’s say Việt Nam, it would be an even smaller percentage.

So why is this? Loa’s Chí-Linh Đinh was wondering the same thing, so she tries get to the bottom of handedness in Việt Nam.