Episode 57 - Third Wave Coffee

Việt Nam as a country is very well known for what is called commodity coffee: beans exported in large batches to other countries for use in instant coffee brands and lower quality brews. In the last two years or so, a very small group of people are trying to change that image and usher in the reign of higher quality beans in Việt Nam. Loa’s Chí-Linh Đinh and Brian Lâm got together over a cup of Joe and talk about the third wave coffee movement happening in Việt Nam today.

Episode 24 - Digital Threats; Vietnamese Coffee

Việt Nam’s netizens face real threats every time they log onto the internet. With more than 40 million users now online, Việt Nam ranks high on countries most vulnerable to cyberattacks. Loa’s Trinh Nguyễn takes A Look Inside the growing list of digital threats confronting internet users in Việt Nam.

Việt Nam's jolting cup of joe is taking over the world by storm. Even Starbucks is getting in on the action, introducing their single-origin Đà Lạt beans earlier this year. So what's so exciting about the Vietnamese way of making coffee? Loa's Chí-Linh Đinh gets to the bottom of this addictive drink.

Music Used in Episode:
HA OKIO - SAIGON CAFE SUA DA Used with permission.