Stand By You

Episode 26 - Stand By You; Diệu's Letter

If you find yourself in Việt Nam and don’t speak a lick of Vietnamese...try English! It has surpassed French and Russian as a popular choice for foreign language. Việt Nam is trying to keep pace with globalization. People are encouraged to learn foreign languages, especially English. Loa's Duyên Bùi takes "A Look Inside" at how English is learned and taught at one charity in Việt Nam.

Solitary Envoi is Loa's segment featuring written works from behind prison walls. A year ago this month, a short letter from prisoner of conscience Đặng Xuân Diệu was snuck out of his jail cell. Diệu is currently serving a 13-year sentence on charges of subversion due to his activism. His message gives the outside world a peek into his psyche as he endures extreme conditions of mistreatment. Loa’s Quyên Ngô reads an English translation of the letter.