Episode 84 - Will Nguyễn's Side of the Story

Published: August 17, 2019
It’s been just a little over a year since Will Nguyễn was released from prison in Vietnam. Will was arrested for his participation in protests surrounding the 99 year land lease and Cybersecurity law. One year later, Loa’s Quyên Ngô sits down with Will to have a conversation about his arrest and time in prison, how he sees the democracy movement, and his overall hopes for Vietnam. 

Opening & Closing Music:
Blue Dot Sessions - Lina My Queen
Blue Dot Sessions - Stack Me Up (outro)

Episode 83 - Skateboarding in Việt Nam

Published: December 27, 2018

In the early 2000’s, skateboards began to appear on the streets of Việt Nam. Today, it has grown in popularity, forming its own subculture. But youth are finding it difficult to skate due to a lack of space and public acceptance. Our reporter, Tứ Tiểu Tâm, a passionate skater of over 11 years, hit the streets of Việt Nam to learn more.

Opening & Closing Music: Keegan DeWitt - Yik Yak #2

A Look Inside Music: Nkato - Chill Soul Rap Instrumental

Episode 75 - News Roundup; Jade Bracelet

Things To Know: Việt Nam News Roundup
Are you behind on the news? No worries. Loa's Nhụy Nguyễn has gathered a list of some of the headlines you may have missed.

Vietnamism: The Secrets of Jade
Jade has been used for more than 7000 years. It has a special meaning throughout Asia. Not only is it an artistic expression, it is also a recurring symbol in religion, philosophy and literature. In this week’s Vietnamism, Tiffany Lý explores the significance of the jade bracelet in Việt Nam and explains how to choose the perfect one for you.

Episode 74 - Phạm Minh Hoàng

A Vietnamese educator who has been prevented from teaching, now finds the last part of his identity stripped from him: His Vietnamese citizenship. Professor Phạm Minh Hoàng, a 62-year-old blogger who writes about human rights, social justice, and corruption in Việt Nam, is on the record from Sài Gòn with Loa’s contributing reporter Lilly Nguyễn.


Episode 72 - Phở 101; MSG

A Look Inside Phở: Việt Nam's 'Democratic' Dish
What's in the broth? Loa's Jenny Lý and Lilly Nguyễn have a phở talk and explore Việt Nam's most iconic noodle soup dish. It's this week's "A Look Inside."

Vietnamism: Mythbusting MSG (Re-Run)
We're revisiting our piece on the urban myth surrounding MSG -- the controversial stuff that sometimes goes in the broth. Nguyễn Linh Chi breaks it all down in our "Vietnamism" segment.

Episode 71 - Quyên Lưu; Handedness

On The Record With Quyên Lưu, One of Việt Nam’s Emerging Young Leaders
On May 4, the U.S. Department of State hosted its annual Emerging Young Leaders Award. Among the 10 award recipients was Quyên Lưu, a YouTube sensation and social advocate from Việt Nam.

Loa contributing reporter Nhựt Phó attended the award ceremony and spoke with Quyên about the origin story of Ếch Phu Hồ, her team's Youtube channel of cleverly narrated, controversial hand-drawn animations.

Vietnamism: Lefties Get Left Out...But Why?
Picture yourself holding a pen. Put that pen up to an imaginary piece of paper on an imaginary desk and pretend to start writing. Which hand did you use? The hand that you picked to write is your dominant hand, and the choice you make is called handedness. Most likely, you put up your right hand. A small percentage of you would have put up your left. If you are in an Asian country, let’s say Việt Nam, it would be an even smaller percentage.

So why is this? Loa’s Chí-Linh Đinh was wondering the same thing, so she tries get to the bottom of handedness in Việt Nam.

Episode 70 - War Photography; April News Review

Through the Lens: Nick Út on the Narratives and Photography of the Việt Nam War
Quyên Ngô chats with Nick Út, one of the most famous Vietnamese photographers, as he reflects on the visual interpretation of war in Việt Nam, 42 years after its conclusion.

Rewind: Five News Stories to Know for April
Giang Nguyễn rounds up some of Việt Nam’s big headlines this month.

Episode 69 - Supporting Activists

In our second vodcast from the Internet Freedom Festival, we speak to Jonathan McCully of the Media Legal Defence Initiative and Mong Palatino of Global Voices on the support systems (both media and legal) available to activists in Việt Nam and around the world.

IFF 2017 took place in Valencia, Spain and was the gathering place for internet freedom enthusiasts and activists. 

Episode 68 - Việt Nam Cyber Dialogue

In our first of two vodcasts from Valencia, Spain, we bring you the low-down on the first ever Việt Nam Cyber Dialogue, a gathering of Vietnamese activists, tech companies, journalists, and international rights organizations. We speak to Ella Gancarz of The 88 Projec and our very own editor & VCD organizer Trinh Nguyễn for the recap.

VCD kicked off the Internet Freedom Festival 201, a gathering of communities fighting online censorship and surveillance.

Episode 67 - February News Review; Food Safety After the Fish Crisis

What happened in Việt Nam this February? From the Vietnamese woman linked to the death of Kim Jong Nam, to the protests against steel plant Formosa, we've got you covered in our February News Review. That's in our Things To Know segment. And: Food safety has always been an issue of concern. Now, after the Formosa-induced fish deaths, the concerns have heightened. It's our Look Inside this week.